hair game will last about 5 mins

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the waitress at the diner liked my majora’s mask hoodie so I included this with her tip #Zelda #loz

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I can’t believe this moment is here. I’m shaking. The final push through the door for what I have been working hard on for a year and a half.

I’m happy to bring to all of you…


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what a bargain

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my books fell over and now Hawkeye is in a passionate embrace with garrus

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thank you tasha

who are you people reblogging my old art

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Anonymous asked:
it's been a long time, but there are times i still miss you. it's nice to see how you're doing, even if just a little, through this blog. in december i ran into your mother and spoke to her. i don't know if she ever told you... sending my best wishes. from an old friend.

she did tell me, hope you’re doing well, buddy

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just wanted to show you guys some of the gold wifi titles in my apt building

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, this is about your Lucy post. I didn't see it as racist until the Internet pointed it out to me. What I saw originally was that he understood (enough to tell her he didn't at least), but didn't want to get involved. I guess now I think both.

idk the in context of the scebe because I do not want to see the movie (but probably will when it comes out on Netflix) but it seems pretty damn bad

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me and a couple of my coworkers were talking about Lucy and I was saying how I didn't want to see it because I have read a lot about how racist it was
coworker #1: how is it racist
me: in the previews she shoots a dude for not speaking English in a country that the native language ISN'T ENGLISH
coworker #2: that doesn't make [the movie] racist
me: wh...yes it does
coworker #2: no it doesn't
me: ...
me: don't talk to me
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